What makes you unique?

#1 I try really hard to focus on what makes YOU unique so that your wedding film feels authentic and real.

#2 You may not realize it but, you're with your videographer & photographer more than almost anyone else on your wedding day. You want to choose someone you connect with. Someone who isn't afraid to celebrate with you and your friends.

#3 Most videographers only have between 1 and 3 years of experience. I have been doing this professionally for 9 years. This isn't a hobby or a stepping stone to something else for me; I have a wealth of experience filming weddings and my commitment to your day is not casual.  

Do you have insurance?

Yes! I am happy to provide proof of insurance should your venue request it.

How long have you been filming weddings?

I started filming weddings in 2013 and have had the pleasure of shooting over 200 weddings.

Don't worry, it wont be a year. I average around 2 months, but my contract says within 6 months, unless otherwise notified.

How long will it take to get my finished film?

How do you work on the day?

You don’t want a videographer who is a “fly on the wall” because this might mean they're too afraid to get into the action of the day where all the memories are made.

At the same time, you dont want a “Hollywood Director” dictating your every move.

With years of experience, I consciously anticipate when to observe and when to guide.

After nine years of weddings; I am a master of wedding logistics. I have done this whole song and dance a million times. I will be on your team from day one.

Vendor recommendations, unique detail discussions, timeline help that ensures your day goes smoothly with the best lighting for your photo and video. Whatever you need I am your guide.

Do you help with the planning process?

How many weddings do you take per year?

In order to give my couples the time and attention they deserve I take a limited amount of weddings per year. Typically about 15-20.

How long are your films?

All of my packages include a highlight film which ranges anywhere from 4-9 minutes, depending on which package you select.

Do you backup our footage?

Yes! I have backups of my backups. Your footage is safe with me.

How do you work with photographers?

Photographers are my best friends. As soon as you book me I reach out to your photographer and let them know how excited I am to work with them. We are all part of a team with the end goal of executing your vision as best as we can. I work closely with your photographer to make sure that everything goes smoothly, we both get what we want and nobody is in each others way.